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Apples, Strawberries & Pumpkins

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Red Apples
A delicious activity for the whole family!

While we have apples on our trees, everyone is encouraged to come out and pick their favorites.  Depending on the time of the season, you can pick Paula Red, Lobo, McIntosh, Cortland, Spartan or Empire apples.  We also have pre-picked apples in store if you would rather just pick them from off the shelf.  Once all the apples have been picked from the trees, we usually have apples in cold storage until early November.  Note that dogs are not allowed on the property, with the exception of service animals.

Picking Seasons

Strawberry season usually lasts from mid-June to mid-July.  You can pick your own or buy pre-picked in store.

Apple season starts near mid-August and depending on varieties, weather conditions, number of pickers and the crop, lasts until near end of September.  Some years, apples can still be picked until Thanksgiving weekend.

Pumpkin season starts in September and lasts until mid to end of October.  

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