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So much to do for the whole family!

Family Fun activities have wrapped for the season. Thank you for your support.

If you want activities for those summer and autumn weekend days, then bring the children for a visit to Cannamore Orchard!  Family Activity Weekends run from Labour Day Weekend until Thanksgiving weekend in early October.  Family Activity Weekends operate on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 11AM to 4PM.  Orchard hours are 10AM to 5PM.  Pets are not allowed. 

List of Activities
  • Go for a ride on the covered wagon

  • Go for a ride on the famous cow-train

  • Use the pedal cars

  • Visit the giant hedge mazes

  • Visit the roaming chickens

  • Play in the family activity area

  • Walk through the Orchard

  • Visit the Orchard store

All-Inclusive Bracelet: $15 per person.  Unlimited Use of All Attractions.  Kids 3 and under are free.
A bag for picking apples can be purchased in the store.
Family Activity Weekends

Family Activity Weekends


At Cannamore Orchard we have mazes inside the Family Activity Area as well as larger, green mazes, in the field.

Inside the Family Activity Area we have the rainbow maze, and patio stone mazes.  For most of these mazes you need to think your way through, finding the exit by planning your route.  These mazes are all life size and you walk on or through them to get from start to finish.

Finger Maze.jpg
Ground Maze.jpg

The 7 finger board mazes are ideal for smaller ones.  These finger board mazes are themed on the orchard or the Spooky Wagon Ride™.  Using a finger, you trace your path on the grooved board from start to finish.


We have also planted 4 green labyrinths and mazes. We have 2 mazes and 1 labyrinth growing from cedar trees, and 1 maze using spruce trees. For a more relaxing turn, our contemplative flower labyrinth allows for a slower pace.


While at Cannamore Orchard for family activity weekends,  enjoy a ride in our cow train or on our wagon.


The cow train, which includes 15 unique cow shaped barrels, will take you through the orchard and back to the maze field.


The wagon ride will take you to the strawberry and pumpkin field, into the maze field and through the orchard.

Cow Train 1.jpg
Cow Train 2.jpg


Bring the family to the pedal car track! Here, you can challenge each other to see how many laps you can pedal around the circuit in our unique pedal cars.


Pedal cars are like go-karts but without a motor. There are pedal cars for adults as well as little ones. It is not nearly as easy as you think, but it’s lots of fun!

Pedal Car 2.jpg
Pedal Car 1.jpg
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